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12-0037 | Vector Sounder Base Cover Plate

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The Vector platform sounder is compatible with most makes of commercial grade fire detector.

With an overall height of only 25mm the Vector platform sounder combines low profile looks with a high, clear sound output. A substantial area for wire entry coupled with rising clamp terminals gives users of the Vector platform sounder the benefit of rapid installation.

Each Vector sounder operates within the frequency range of 800Hz - 1000Hz as specified by BS 5839. Like all sounders in the Cranford Controls range, a wide operating voltage is standard and the Vector's four tones match those available on Vantage, Vara and Viper sounders.

Tones are available by selecting warble, sweep or pips via the jumper on the top face. The continuous tone is selected via the terminal array and is also used as a second stage alarm if a third wire is fitted. A cover plate (12-0035 ) is also available, transforming the Vector into a useful spatial sounder.